Fig. 1.2.2.a: Exterior Render

Figs. 1.2.2.b.1-2: Street Theatre Operability

Fig. 1.2.2.d: Street Theatre Interior

Fig. 1.2.2.e: Interior Circulation

Fig. 1.2.2.f: Rehearsal Space and Balcony

Fig. 1.2.2.g: Event Space and Balcony

Fig. 1.2.2.h: Second Floor Plan

Fig. 1.2.2.i.1: Tectonic Chunk Model


Figs. 1.2.2.i.2-4: Tectonic Chunk Model Details

Fig. 1.2.2.j: Wall Section

Work completed collaboratively with Todd Anderson under Elizabeth Bishop for Studio ARCH 203 at UC Berkeley.